Focus Your Brain!

Raise your hand if the following thoughts have passed through your head in the current week:

I’m so tired.
I’m busy!
Ugh- I hate Mondays!
_______ (insert anything you regularly articulate/complain about)

I will state this in different ways depending on your preferences:

Where your focus goes, your energy flows!
Due to confirmation bias and other fascinating brain facts, your brain will try to support your previous thoughts with other similar thoughts.

For example: We live in a cruel world! Your brain will take on the mission to support this opinion by noticing all horrible things going on in the world. Is that really what you want?
If you notice similar thinking, take a break from technology (aka news, social media, etc)

Try this one on for size…

The world is full of helpful people. Then your brain will go to work looking for supporting facts. Oh, look at that person holding the door. Oh, Oh! That person just let someone in to the line without having road rage! OH! That person smiled at me for no reason!!!

You are in control of where you want point your thoughts and energy. YOU are responsible for your own thoughts. YOU are responsible for your own feelings.

So many times I hear, “____makes me so mad!”
Be on guard for this type of thinking that pops into your head and try to slow down and figure out what thoughts popped into your head that made you mad. It is all a choice.

If this is making sense, AWESOME!
If this is sounding familiar and you are needing to hear a little more, reach out and I can give you some ideas of little tweaks to help you shift perspectives and give your brain some new marching orders!

Forever Learning,

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