Laughing is STILL the Best Medicine

Quick question: Have you laughed today?

As funny as those memes and GIFs are on Facebook and Instagram, what I actually mean is, have you laughed with your family today? A good chuckle all the way ramped up to a hearty laugh.

What I have to suggest today is one simple tweak to add to your day (morning would be best) that doesn’t cost anything, can be quick as you need, and will pay back in dividends on the feel of your day and relationships with your loved ones.

No, no, no! By all means, you don’t need to register into an improv class or stay up late searching for great comedic fodder. You know your child best! Depending on the age of your family, it could be as simple as a tickle monster attack, an inside joke from the previous week, or even a quick youtube video to bond over. Tickles in my family are still a fun and welcomed thing. If you are past that stage in your home, no problem. My daughter’s favorite videos are animal fails, where sweet animals do silly things, can’t land a jump, etc.
Check it out and attempt my kid’s favorite, “Try not to laugh!” challenge:

Not only do these brief moments connect you to your family, but they also distract from stress momentarily, start off the day with a smile, and let them know that you are thinking about them.

Hey, the beauty of this trick is that it can work almost anytime and for almost anyone! If you are needing a little boost or break from the world, take a quick stress free moment for yourself. Just BEWARE and set a limit before you start. It should only take one good laugh to start your day. Take a chance and try this at home, while alone, at work, family reunions, or anywhere you need a smile.

Here’s a secondary benefit to this daily action: Once you have this routine in place and are aware of your family members typical reaction, you will easily be able to spot when something a little bigger is going on that might need addressing. For example, if you and your child usually crack up and smile ear to ear and today’s reaction is off… it could mean you need to change up your routine (HA!) or it could signal to you that there is something stressful today, maybe the two of you need to apologize or clear the air from the night before, etc.
By catching on to this change before the day has begun, you could definitely alter the path that their day was headed in. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back, detective!

So take a moment this week to challenge yourself and see what a little mood shift like this can do for you, your crew, and everyone you happen to interact with that day.

Love and light,


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