The Delicate Balance of Technology

No judging here.

We’ve all (well, most of us) have done it.

Used screen time as a temporary babysitter to get a little break/time to do chores/sleep/drink wine, etc!
The balance part of this title is what the focus of this blog is. Just like food or anything, with moderation it is okay.

Some of the latest studies suggest the average adult uses technology over 11 hours a day. Kids around 2-5 hours...and that’s the average meaning there are some children on it any chance they get.
(If you need more info on the above facts, I’ll be sure to include a link at the bottom.)

Let’s check in (no need to turn in your answers) to see where we might land on this average. Your options are Rarely, Sometimes, or Regularly. Good luck!


  1.   When I use my smartphone, laptop, or tablet, I spend more time with it than I had intended.

  2. I enjoy interacting online more than I do with my romantic partner.

  3. I’d rather spend time online than doing things around the house.

  4. I feel that the quality of my work or school work has suffered due to the amount of time I spend online.

  5. Friends and family have complained about the amount of time I spend in front of my smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  6. When asked what I do online, I prefer not to say.

  7. Because of the amount of time I spend online, I am not as productive or attentive in my work or school work than I normally would be.

  8. I check my social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), texts, or emails first, before I get down to work or school work.

  9. I don’t like it when people bother me when I’m in front of my smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

  10. I’m anxious when I’m separated from my smartphone, tablet, or laptop for any extended period of time.

  11. I escape from my real life for what I can find and do online.

  12. My life would be a lot less interesting and happy without access to the Internet.

  13. I put off doing something else by spending more time than I had intended online.

  14. When at work, home, or school and my smartphone is off or out of reach, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I’m missing out on.

  15. I often stay up later at night than I had intended due to doing things online.

  16. I’d rather stay home gaming, doing social media, or otherwise spending time online than go out with my friends.

  17. I’ve tried to cut back on my smartphone, tablet, or laptop use not related to work or school work without success.

  18. When I’m not checking my smartphone, I fear missing out with what’s going on, which often makes me unhappy.


Ok, now take a deep breath.  Most people honestly believe they are below average or don’t have a significant problem.  If you are anything like the detective mentioned in a previous blog, you might be a little uncomfortable with some habits you uncovered with that quiz.  If so, that is great news!  If you were born in the 80s or before, you have not had 24/7 access to as much technology as the younger generations.  However, if you are concerned with your own growing habits when it comes to screen time, as well as, your families and want to know how to start making good changes in your life to prevent addiction, irritability, and more, please reach out for help or begin looking at ways to get out into nature, get a little “bored”, and see what ideas you come up with.  


With my clients, I also work together with them to create a technology plan for their home which can do wonders for your growing children and bring to light some other aspects of parenting with technology that you might not have realized.  If you need help finding the best solution for your family, email me at [email protected] and set up a free strategy session.

Love and light,


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