The Importance of Consistency

Children THRIVE off of consistency. When they know what to expect, they can rise to the occasion, whether it is setting bedtimes, homework routines, etc., if they know what to do and how to help, you better believe, you will be impressed!

In schools, they give out rubrics for projects. When they do this, the students know exactly what to do to get a certain grade. No surprises for the teacher or the students. Imagine if you laid out the rubric for your home where rules and consequences weren’t determined by your mood or energy level, but by your expectations that were already set and explained when everyone was at 100%.

Just like children, our body and mind enjoys consistency. Ever create a habit? Smoking? Exercising? Making the bed? Letting the dishes pile up? Being late? Consistency can be a good habit or bad habit. It is up to you to set up your life and your household with purpose. When things become a habit, you barely have to think about them. Imagine waking up early to walk the dog or exercise instead of being in a habit of waking up 5 different times after hitting snooze. Think about when you first learned to drive a bike or car compared to now? In the beginning you really had to think about every little step and motion. Now, you might be multitasking while taking your morning commute.

The takeaway is this: Our brains love consistency due to ease and efficiency. Once you set the brain up for success, watch out world!

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