$25.00 USD

Customized Meditations with Annie

These one-of-a-kind meditations are designed to assist you in elevating your personal practice by speaking directly to YOUR specific needs, blockages, and intentions.

From length to style, to time of day & everything in between - I've got you covered.

What you'll get:

  • 1 personalized meditation
  • Unlimited use to you and your family. 

All meditation purchases are final. 

What People Are Saying:

"This is so crazy Annie! Like in crazy good!! Just the instant moodshift with that sound. I have never experienced something like this. It works on so many levels. Thank you!! I might not stop meditating now😆 You have no idea what this means to me

Margot R.

As a seasoned meditator of 10 + years, I’ve had my hands on a variety of online meditations. Annie’s refined, expertly curated audio meditations are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced - the process was so easy, and my delicately composed meditation took my breath away. Her voice - and formulated words - send my mind into heightened states of consciousness. I’ll definitely order again!

LA James